Show notes: Episode 4

Looking for more information about something we covered in episode 4? Look no further. Here are our notes, including Carrie’s research notes on the alleged freezing of Walt Disney.

Is Walt Disney frozen?

In 1966, cryogenics were invented! Invented by a man named Ed Busch, who ran a company called CryoTech. Its first use was to preserve metal tools. Disney was sick with lung cancer, and would have been up on the most recent inventive technologies. (1)

– Also in 1966, Disney died of lung cancer on 12/15/66.

– In January 1967, the Cryonics Society of Phoenix released a promotional video wherein they say that their first customer is a “California man who died of cancer.” (1) This probably started the rumor.

– However, according to the ALCOR Life Extension Foundation, many early patients accidentally thawed out, and their bodies were destroyed. Whoever that guy was, he will probably never be re-animated. (1)

– In 1972, Bob Nelson, then the president of the Cryonics Society of California, gave an interview to the Los Angeles Times, about how Walt had always wanted to be frozen, but he was too early and the Cryonics Society wasn’t fully set up yet so couldn’t help him. He even wrote a book about his life and stated the same there. (1) and (2)

– Nevertheless, Disney conspiracy fans still think this is true, including Disneyland Hacker on YouTube. Hoo boy. (1)

– Walt was cremated and laid to rest at Forest Lawn. His grand-niece told Mo Rocca remembers seeing his ashes at the funeral. (1)

– American Cryonics society is wild, though. It’s about $300/year to stay active on their freezing plans. Then once you die, you need to set aside $33,000 – $155,000, depending on how “technologically sophisticated” you want your suspension procedure to be. (1)

– If someone you love dies, and you have legal rights to say what happens to their body, you can still sign them up! But you need to pack their dead body in ice, especially the head, before you call ACS. They advise that you can keep your dead body suspended in dry ice for up to two weeks. (1)

News stories covered in this episode:

(3) Disney is using AI to create good stories.