Show Notes: Episode 5

Looking for something we talked about in episode 5? Here’s some extra info and sources.

Disneyland-Monsanto House of the Future:


How Much Would You Pay for That?

Would you pay $12,000 for this unplayed copy of Dumbo?


If so, don’t worry. As of this writing, the seller has relisted the item at the same price.


Disney News Covered in this Episode:

(1) Disney is paying its Florida employees back pay for lost work during Hurricane Irma, but only after first refusing.
(2) Snopes just reported that there is preliminary evidence that Big Thunder Mountain might help you dislodge kidney stones.
(3) released a survey study of how much Disney World entry has cost every year since 1971, and its adjusted cost in 2017 dollars. It’s NUTS.
^We didn’t get to this one, but check it out!
(1) David Attenborough is making a film about the sad true life of the elephant who inspired Dumbo:
(3) A guy who dresses like Captain Jack Sparrow, and calls himself Captain Jack Sparrow, has just been arrested for burglary. He was wearing his Sparrow costume at the time.
Natalie as Gus the Ghost:
Also see a video of Gus on Carrie’s Instagram.