Show Notes: Episode 6

Looking for something we talked about in episode 6? Here’s some extra info and sources.

Guest and total stranger Ross Blocher mentioned some primo stuff you should check out:

  • Hiding the Elephant, a book about the history of magic, with special attention to the Pepper’s Ghost illusion featured in the Haunted Mansion.
  • The history of Madame Leota is worth your time. Read more about the original actress who played her, Eleanor Audley. Or read up on Susanne Blakeslee, who later played Leota.
  • Ross served as a Technical Director on the Winnie the Pooh film (2011), and recalled working on this scene wherein Pooh accidentally shoots Piglet into a beehive.
  • Ross mentioned (but does not advise) people doing the nasty at Disneyland. Here is a random list of Disneyland sex stories that may or may not be true.
  • Ross cohosts his own podcast, which we’ve never heard of, but sounds pretty good. It is called Oh No, Ross and Carrie.

Disney news from this episode:

(1) Beyoce is going to play Nala in the new Lion King! Other cast announced, too, but who cares.
(2) Mickey turned 89! His bday is 11/18. You can get a happy bday pin at Disneyland, or go to very specific parts of the park to sing him happy birthday.
(3) Disney just settled a lawsuit with a woman who says she slipped on water getting on the Pirates ride, and twisted her ankle. Her lawyer estimated up to $466,470.76 in medical costs, but we don’t know how much they settled for.
(1) A team of data scientists will tell you exactly what to go on at what time of day at Disneyland and Disney World, on any day of the year, for $15. They find the rides with the shortest lines at each point in the day and break it down for you, minute by minute, using all kinds of data, including which nearby schools will be on break during your stay.
(2) A Disney Cruise Line employee embezzled $275,000 and spent $35,000 of it on A SINGLE TRIP TO WALT DISNEY WORLD.
(3) Disney World is selling pins that contain part of the ill-fated PIZZA PLANET RESTAURANT!
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