Show Notes: Episode 7


Looking for something we talked about in episode 7? Here’s some extra info and sources.

(1) Disney may buy 20th Century Fox. They would not be getting Fox News. Deal is about $60 billion.
(2) A father and daughter rode every single ride at Walt Disney World in one day. It took them 17 hours.
(3) Disney removed the deeply disliked Frozen short from Coco, claiming it was always their plan to stop running it after a while.
(4) Kristen Bell’s kids seem to fucking hate her character in Frozen. They decapitated an Anna ornament and made Kristen dress as Elsa for Halloween.
(1) The LA Times ran a story that was critical of Disney, and Disney banned them from future Disney screenings. A bunch of outlets said they wouldn’t review Disney movies or nominate them for awards as long as the ban was in place. After this, Disney met with the LA Times and decided to let them into their dang movies again.
(2) Disney is making a live action The Little Mermaid, and Alan Menkin and Lin Manuel Miranda are cowriting new songs.
(3) TWO HUGE AWFUL BUMMERS: John Lasseter is taking a sabbatical because he allegedly inappropriately touched and kissed female colleagues. 
And: A Disney music executive was just arraigned on charges of sexually assaulting two girls, one who was 15 at the time, and one who was 11.
(4) A real-life chimney sweep in Alabama, named Cleveland Pope sings Mary Poppins songs while he cleans your chimney.
Also, Dick Van Dyke turned 92!
How Much Would You Pay for That?
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