Show Notes: Episode 8

Looking for something we talked about in episode 8? Here’s some extra info and sources.

Disney news:

– Ursula’s head came off during the Little Mermaid ride.

– Disney is making a live action Sword in the Stone! Will Nat be Madame Mim?!

– A guy got a kidney by wearing a shirt saying he needed a kidney to Disney World!

– Maui lookalike scammed people out of money.

Combined image by Metro UK.

– Steamboat Willie will almost definitely enter public domain in 2024.

MICKEY LEAKS IS GONE! what happened?!

The Little Mermaid poster conspiracy theory:
Some say this bit of castle looks like a penis.
Altered image by
  • Snopes article about this theory.
  • Carrie believes the artist to be John Alvin. He also did the incredible poster art for Cocoon, The Color Purple, The Lion King, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, ET, and Kazaam.